Youtube Tuesday: Hello Cupid

I really enjoy web series. Partially because I don’t have a television and partially because of the innovative and unorthodox content. One of my favorite channels, BlackandSexyTV, has a show called Hello Cupid. It’s refreshing, hilarious, and cringe worthy. If Girlfriends and Catfish had a love baby this would be it. We watch with bated breath as Whitney and her roommate Robyn navigate the dating scene with  hands clasped to our faces, peering through our fingers because their entire plan is always moments away from combustion. hellocupid Without giving too much away: the show begins with one of the characters bemoaning her lack of success with online dating.There is rarely a gathering of single friends in which the topic of dating doesn’t come up. We swap dating horror stories, give advice, and lend an ear to our friend’s frustrations. Some people are more positive than others:

but there are a lot of us with friends like Whitney- beautiful girls with dazzling personalities that feel like they are not “enough”. They feel that in order to find love they must become something other than who they truly are. In this era of gender politics, skinny vs curvy, light skin vs dark skin, class warfare, Photoshop, etc. it is very easy for someone to feel less than because he or she doesn’t fit what they presume “the mold” to be. Very rarely do people fit neatly into boxes. Many of us are just ellipses that managed to fall through the circle hole or rhombuses that squeezed our way through the square box. Somebody out there will appreciate your quirks and talents. It’s such a shame to see people on shows like Catfish and characters like Whitney waste their time hiding behind the façade when their true selves are equally or more lovable. Be authentic because someone out there is falling in love with your smile. If you are incapable of being genuine please videotape it, because it makes for great TV 🙂 Watch the show below: