Gratitude List for 2013

Monk and Interfaith scholar Brother David Steindl-Rast has a wonderful Ted Talk (below) about the link between gratitude and happiness. As 2013 winds down I thought it was important to inventory some of the highlights from the year.

I am thankful for

  1. My family and friends (new and old)
  2. Life and physical and mental health
  3. Getting into great graduate schools with multiple scholarships, and having the luxury of picking the best fit 
  4. The chance to be in a great intercultural/racial relationship where I grew so much and ending up with a friend when it didn’t work out
  5. Finding terrific tenants for my house and income property
  6. The opportunity to travel to Nigeria for my cousin’s traditional wedding
  7. Sipping champagne at polo matches with my lovely friends
  8. The opportunity to mentor promising young women in foster care and the juvenile justice systems with Junior League
  9. Memorial day weekend in NYC and going to the Hamptons with my MLT peeps
  10. Brunch outside at the Omphoy and drinks at the Breakers HMF
  11. Lazy Sundays on Peanut Island
  12. Getting fantastic roommates in Evanston and cheap rent
  13. Roadtripping alone from West Palm Beach, FL to Evanston, IL
  14. Going to the Canary Islands for KWEST
  15. Learning from brilliant professors and classmates
  16. Attempting 3 case competitions- failing each time and learning loads in the process
  17. Getting to know the 2nd year students and absorbing their institutional knowledge
  18. Fall Ball and trolley rides
  19. Getting the classes I needed for Winter Quarter
  20. Spending Thanksgiving with a warm family
  21. My ankle length winter coat for those cold Chicago winters
  22. Passing all my classes
  23. RV trip from Evanston to Denver
  24. Ski Trip in Breckenridge and Vail
  25. Christmas with my family

When I go through the list I realize what an amazing year I have had and I know I am probably missing some epic moments.

I hope that 2014 will be even better.


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