I’m going Freegan-ish

In an effort to save money and reduce the toxins entering my body I started going “Freegan” yesterday. By freegan I mean that I am not purchasing any animal products unless they are free. I will not be dumpster diving or participating in any of the hi-jinx described here. Monday started as a glorious day full of bananas and a beautiful salad. By 3 pm my stomach was growling for protein. How do vegans stay full? (further research to come). After a late ┬ánight at work my body maneuvered my car in autopilot to the nearest Chik-fil-A for a chicken strips meal. super unhealthy and super delicioso!

Freegan score 2/3 meals


These cows were freegans until they tasted chik-fil-a

Today I had a healthy breakfast of steel cut oats sprinkled with cinnamon and raisins. woohoo what a comeback! However at lunch was a presentation at work for an LGBT employee network group. I am an ally so I had to come out and support but there was also pizza. Lots of Pizza! my first foray into the free aspect begins muhahahaha. Because there were more pizza boxes than people in attendance I greedily swooped up 3 slices of greasy corporate pizza. And here I sit. Feeling greasy on the inside. I probably should be a bit more discerning about the free. Hopefully writing this out will cement the memory that cheap is rarely worth the cost.


A snapshot of the corporate pamphlet

I didn’t see the irony of this post until I reached the bottom. That is all.